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Nimble Storage (HPE)

Real-World Proven, No-Compromise Storage

Nimble Storage was founded and is led by industry veterans responsible for groundbreaking technologies and architectures around primary storage, backup storage, and data protection. They have built a tight-knit culture of innovation focused on changing the data storage game by taking a unique, bottoms-up approach to reinventing storage for the next-generation datacenter, coupled with a deep commitment to supporting customers that is exemplified by our technologically groundbreaking and powerful support model.

Nimble solutions are built to eliminate the compromise among performance, capacity, ease of use, and price. Their flash-optimised hybrid storage systems are engineered from the ground up for maximum efficiency by integrating the exceptional performance of flash with the favorable economics of high-capacity hard disk drives. This hybrid solution provides adaptive performance and scalable capacity for storing and protecting critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, server virtualisation, database, and virtual desktops (VDI).

Based on their patented CASL™ architecture, Nimble Storage solutions accelerate applications, protect more data, and empower IT to take on new projects and drive growth. Complementing the CASL architecture is Nimble Storage InfoSight, which is a data sciences-based service for managing the storage lifecycle. It enables substantial operational efficiencies across a range of storage lifecycle activities such as monitoring and alerting, reporting and case management, and storage planning.


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